Central Banks BUYING Bitcoin?! The Clearest Sign Yet!

Jan 01, 2023

Hey Guys,

With the crypto market looking the way it is, I know it's easy to miss important crypto headlines. There's one that everyone seems to have missed, and that's that the BIS has released standards to allow central banks to hold crypto on their balance sheets.

The TLDR is that starting in 2025, central banks can allocate up to 2% of their balance sheets into cryptos of ALL kinds! There are of course a few very important details that I explain in the video, but it doesn't change the fact that trillions could enter crypto.

There is a double edged sword to this, however. Should central banks start accumulating large amounts of smart contract cryptocurrencies, they could start to have significant influence over the future payment networks - their direct competitors.

This is definitely a video you need to watch until the end!


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► BIS Central Bank Crypto Custody Standards: https://www.bis.org/bcbs/publ/d545.pdf


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