Chainlink: LINK Still Any Potential? DEEP DIVE!!

Dec 30, 2021

Time for a new video!!

The other day I asked you about what I should include my long overdue Chainlink update, and I want to thank you all for your suggestions 🙏

I noticed that a lot of you were upset about LINK's price performance, and I can't say I'm all that happy about it either.

LINK's low price is surprising when you consider how many integrations Chainlink has had over the last year. It also secures close to 80 billion dollars or cryptocurrency, mostly in DeFi protocols. We've also seen Chainlink collaborate with the likes of Amazon and AccuWeather.

The answer to this mystery can be found in my last Chainlink update in January. Basically, the Chainlink team has been selling a lot of LINK to fund its current operations and expand the Chainlink ecosystem. It looks like this selling has increased for reasons I explain in the video.

There is some hope on the horizon for Link Marines however. Chainlink should be introducing it's innovative 'explicit staking' mechanism for oracle node operators any day now. This could create a lot more demand for LINK and incentivise nodes to hold their LINK rather than sell.

Explicit staking is really the tip of the iceberg of what Chainlink has in store for 2022, and I think all the other developments will be more than enough to push LINK to new all time highs, assuming the team can deliver of course.

Don't let us down, ser Sergey! 🐸


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