China vs. US & Taiwan: A Real RISK?! What This War Game Tells Us!!

Aug 09, 2022

Hey Guys,

If geopolitics in 2022 has not been crazy enough, last week we had a pretty close call in the Asia Pacific region.

That's because of a trip by Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan that caused a massive stir with the Chinese.

It was the biggest crisis in Taiwan in the past 25 years and it has resulted in intense live fire drills by the Chinese. There are some that think this could be a precursor to an eventual blockade and invasion.

The thing is that many think the impetus behind these events is political and cultural. However, one of biggest reasons behind this tension is economic.

That's because Taiwan is a central cog in the global economic machine. They are indispensable in the manufacturing of advanced chips. In fact, when it comes to the Nano chips used in phones, weapons and super computers, one Taiwanese company produces 90% of the world's supply!

Therefore, controlling this supply of semiconductors could be a massive strategic win for the Chinese. This is of course something that both the US and Taiwan know. And it's this dynamic that has led to this high stakes brinkmanship that we seem to find ourselves in.

This battle for control of chip making supremacy was modelled in a War Game conducted earlier this year. I read through the war game report and its remarkable how close it is coming to reality.

This is exactly what I will be covering in my latest video.

So, buckle up and enjoy!


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