Coinbase Q2 Deep Dive: What it Means For Crypto & COIN!

Aug 16, 2022

Hey Guys,

Last week, Coinbase reported their Q2 earnings and boy, was it rough. They missed analyst expectations, and this sent COIN lower on the day.

Of course, if you had been following the news flow around Coinbase over the past few weeks, you would have guessed that the numbers were going to be soft. Not only has the exchange had to content with one of the most brutal bear markets to date, but it has also been hit by one negative PR story after the rest.

Add to that the fact that COIN has been hitting all-time lows as people like Cathie Wood have been dumping their shares.

This has led many people to wonder if Coinbase can recover and how long it could take to do that?

Well, that's exactly what I will be breaking down in my video today. Not only will I be dissecting Coinbase's Q3 report page by page, but I will also analyse what the results could mean for nearly every single crypto business out there.

This is a vid that you don't want to miss!



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