Cosmos: Could ATOM Rocket in 2022?! FULL Update!!

Feb 04, 2022

Hope you folks enjoyed that Livestream!

One of the things I talked about in the stream was this bridge hack and the need for multichain solutions. And as I mentioned, Cosmos was one of those.

As you know, I hold ATOM in my portfolio and its been over 4 months since I last did an update. So, that's exactly what I have for you today!

For those unfamiliar, Cosmos' focus is efficiency and interoperability. To that end, the creators of Cosmos invented a unique consensus mechanism called Tendermint which is scalable and secure, as a well as a Cosmos SDK that can be used to build Tendermint cryptos.

There are actually over 50 cryptocurrencies that were built using Cosmos tech including Binance Coin, Terra, and Coin. What's more is that the Cosmos ecosystem continues to produce impressive crypto projects such as the Osmosis cross-chain DEX.

Cosmos' ATOM coin has essentially served as key to the Cosmos kingdom, and it's performed quite well over the last few months. Cosmos also has a series of upcoming upgrades that could increase the utility of ATOM and its price by extension (at least on paper).

All that and more in today's video about Cosmos. Spoiler: I am super bullish on ATOM 🚀


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