CRAZIEST Crypto Hearing EVER! Here's What Went Down!!

Jun 30, 2022

Hey Guys,

Those of you who hold ADA will know that Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently testified at a hearing about the future of crypto regulation in the United States.

As you know, we're a huge fan of these hearings because you get it all from the horses mouth, and I couldn't resist doing a summary given that Charles was present.

What's interesting is that the other witnesses included a CFTC director, a law professor who seems to be an expert in securities law, and also Chainalysis co-founder Jonathan Levin (who didn't get much airtime as he joined remotely from South Korea and everyone forgot about him; unfortunate because I would have loved to hear more of this thoughts).

Another thing that was interesting about the hearing is just how pro crypto all the politicians were.

This is why Charles believe the Digital Asset Innovation Act proposed by one of the subcommittee members is likely to pass, and as you'll soon see this could have huge implications for the crypto industry (in a good way).

Hint: Goodbye Gary Gensler!



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