CRAZIEST Crypto Story EVER!! $5 BILLION Bitcoin Mystery!!

Feb 20, 2022

Hey Folks,

It was a little over 2 weeks ago that one of the biggest crypto mysteries of our time took an epic twist. I am of course talking about the BitFinex hack and the seizure and arrest of the couple that were accused of trying to launder the 120,000 Bitcoin.

It is perhaps one of the most unlikely and bewildering crypto stories yet. It defied all logic given that those that were arrested were the antithesis of those that you would expect. A hipster couple that were weirder than ever.

Now, while the story may have been covered extensively in the mainstream press, not much detail has been given as to how the authorities were able to eventually ID and arrest the couple.

Well, that's exactly what I will be covering in my video today. I will be taking a deep dive into the case. From the very beginning when the Bitcoin was stolen to the movements that it made in attempts to clear the trail. An elaborate path that involved mixers, dark net markets, chain hopping and transaction layering.

It's also worth noting that there are still several unsolved mysteries when it comes to this story - mysteries I will be attempting to answer as well.

So, if you fancy a crime drama with a twist, then this vid cannot be missed.

Sit back, relax, grab some snacks, stack some sats and enjoy!


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