CRAZY Bitcoin Price Prediction!! New Research Report!

Sep 02, 2021

💰What Is Fidelity?💰

Fidelity Investments Inc. is an American asset management company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Fidelity was founded way back in 1946, and since that time it has grown to become one of the world’s largest asset management companies

📊Fidelity’s Bitcoin Price Model📊

Fidelity’s director of global macroeconomics has created a modified stock to flow model for Bitcoin which assumes that demand for BTC will grow at roughly the same way demand for mobile phones did. He also uses global technology adoption and GDP data to give a better estimate of future BTC price

🎈Fidelity Focus On Inflation🎈

In some countries like Japan, the central bank has bought more than 50% of the government’s debt and the supply of JPY has grown exponentially over the last half century Japan’s economy has remained relatively stable despite all this “money printing”, and Jurrien thinks that other countries including the United States are planning on following Japan’s lead What this means is that inflation will only continue, and this means people need to protect their purchasing power – they need an inflation hedge

🤔Bitcoin As An Inflation Hedge?🤔

Believe it or not, Jurrien argues that neither Bitcoin nor gold are the best hedges against inflation. All they have done is maintain their purchasing power, which is arguably what they’re designed to do Historically speaking, equities i.e. stocks have massively outperformed inflation and this is mainly because the gains from gold and BTC can’t be compounded year over year the way dividends can. That said, Jurrien highlights the fact that Bitcoin has the potential to offer much higher returns than any other safe haven assets

🤑Altcoins Through A Fidelity Lens🤑

Institutions seem to like cryptocurrencies that have a lot of demand and user growth, robust tokenomics (a maximum or deflationary supply), and the ability to generate some sort of cash flow, ideally a cash flow that can be compounded

💱How Bitcoin Could Replace Bonds💱

Jurrien is a big proponent of the 60/40 rule – 60% in equities, and 40% in safe haven assets including bonds, gold, and now Bitcoin. This investment strategy is popular among many seasoned investors If bond yields remain suppressed into the future due to central bank buying, this could motivate investors to shift some of that money into gold and BTC, and this might be happening already.


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