What's Goin On With CRO!? Deep Dive!!

May 12, 2022

Hey Guys,

I know we all have the crypto market on our mind right now, but there's another important thing I want to bring your attention to.

That's the recent changes to's metal cards which many of us have. I bet you're wondering what it means for CRO. I know I did.

One thing that people forget is that CRO isn't just used for's products. Last year, the and Cronos chains launched, introducing new demand drivers for CRO via transaction fees, governance, and the like. These chains have actually grown a lot too.

More importantly, the and Cronos chains have their own roadmaps that are well underway, and upcoming upgrades could further increase the demand for CRO. There's just one small problem that seems to be aware of: a lack of remaining CRO.

With most of CRO's supply in circulation, there isn't all that much left to allocate to say, card staking rewards, validator staking rewards, and all the other areas CRO is being used in. This could have some interesting implications for CRO's future.

If you hold CRO or have a card, this is a video you must watch!


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