Crypto Crime Hearing: What Politicians Want To DO!!

Mar 24, 2022

Hey Guys,

Are you stick of all the headlines about Russian oligarchs reportedly using crypto to evade sanctions? I sure am, and that's one of the reasons I decided to cover last week's hearing about crypto crime held by politicians in the United States.

What I heard really blew my mind, and that's mainly because of the witnesses that were present. The lineup included Chainalysis founder Jonathan Levin, and even the founder of the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange Kuna, Michael Chobanian, who is there now 😱

As you can imagine, Michael had some pretty crazy things to say about what's going on the Ukraine, and he's actually been helping the Ukrainian government sort out all the crypto donations its been receiving. Spoiler: he says sanctions evasion is impossible with crypto.

There were a lot of twists and turns during this hearing, and watching stubborn politicians refuse to accept the facts that crypto crime really isn't an issue was as entertaining as it was frustrating.

If you like my coverage of these hearings, this is probably the best one yet!


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