Crypto Crime Report: What Are They Doing With Crypto!?

Mar 03, 2023

Hey Guys,

It's no secret that the crypto industry has been facing extreme regulatory scrutiny recently. This is why I felt compelled to cover Chainalysis' crypto crime report for 2023. Obviously this report is about all the crypto crime that happened in 2022.

The bad news is that crypto crime hit a record high last year, and this is likely to result in more regulatory scrutiny. The good news is that most of this crypto crime is related to sanctions, which of course only became an issue after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Still, the fact that lots of illicit funds are being cashed out using centralized exchanges and other crypto-fiat off ramps tells me that some serious scrutiny is coming. The continued expansion of crypto sanctions could also cause issues for the crypto market.

Everything you need to know is in today's video.


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