Crypto Developer Report: Have You SEEN THIS?!

Jan 18, 2022

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As you all know, there are lots of ways you can forecast a crypto's price. You can use technical analysis patterns, you can use on-chain analysis, you can use sentiment analysis, and you can even use plain old Google Search Trends.

However, one important metric that nobody seems to be paying attention to is developer activity. After all, the only way that cryptos gain adoption is if they have some utility or use case, and these are all built by shadowy super coders.

As it so happens, a crypto VC firm called Electric Capital has been releasing annual developer reports using data from GitHub to see which cryptocurrencies have the most developer activity. They recently released their report for 2021, and that's the focus of today's video.

I really don't want to spoil anything, so all I will say here is that I was able to use Electric Capital's most recent and previous developer reports to put together what I think is a pretty fair prediction of which cryptos could do well in the long term, even during bear markets.

This is a video you absolutely cannot miss, especially since that bear market could come knocking sooner than expected...



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