Crypto in 2023: Institutional Report You NEED To See!!

Jan 10, 2023

Hey Guys,

At the end of last month, the team from Coinbase institutional released a comprehensive and insightful report on the crypto markets.

I have already covered several predictions for 2023 but given the scope of this report, we just could not let it slide by. Hence, I have decided to break it down for in my latest vid!

There is a lot that is covered including:

- Prospect for Bitcoin & Ethereum
- Institutional Adoption
- L1 & L2 landscape
- NFTs and their use cases
- Regulations
- Miners & more

As we usually do with these reports, I also give you some of my own thoughts and perspectives on what this could mean for the broader crypto space as well as the individual coins and tokens covered.

This is a vid that you don't want to miss!


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