Crypto Insurance: Why You NEED IT!! Complete 101 Guide!

Feb 22, 2022

Hey Guys!

$1.3 Billion...

That's the amount of money that was lost in DeFi hacks last year!

As the DeFi sector has seen exponential growth over the past 2 years, so has the amount of hacks, rug pulls and smart contract bugs.

However, there is a way to protect yourself from this - and that is through Defi insurance.

So, in the video I have for you today, I’m going to be taking a deep dive into the crypto insurance sector. I will be taking you through the concept of blockchain insurance and how it differs from traditional insurance.

I might also give you a few of my own personal tips regarding the protocols that I believe have the most potential in the long-term, and exactly how you can use them.

As DeFi continues to grow and expand over time, there could most definitely be a solid use case for insurance protocols in the blockchain world. So, it's more important now than ever to know about the benefits of these protocols.



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