Crypto News: Alameda Wallets, SOL, DOGE, Valkyrie & MORE!!

Jan 02, 2023

Hey Guys,

Happy new year!

I'm here to start off your first working week with my one and only weekly crypto review. I must say that today's episode is quite special, because there were some very interesting headlines in the final week of 2022.

Besides all the speculation around Sam moving Alameda assets around and cashing out almost 700k in crypto, asset manager Valkyrie is itching to acquire Grayscale's ailing Bitcoin Trust. All I will say here is that you won't believe who's really behind the offer.

And yes, I noticed that many of you were asking about Solana after its two top NFT projects migrated into Ethereum's ecosystem. I made sure to squeeze in a bit about it because like Vitalik Buterin, I am optimistic that the project has potential in the long term.

Finally, we finish off with some analysis by Ben Cowen. He takes a look at Bitcoin vs. Altcoin season, 2022 performance relative to previous bear markets & much more.



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