Crypto News: Apecoin, ETH, Aave, Airdrops & More!!

Mar 21, 2022

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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

It looks like we have another wild week ahead of us, and what better way to start it off than with my weekly crypto review? If the crypto market didn't give it away, there were a lot of exciting developments last week.

The most exciting update is one that seems to have been missed by most people, and that's the announcement that Metamask is planning on airdropping its own token. Unfortunately there aren't many details yet, but it has been confirmed, and it could happen later this year.

Another important update that flew under the radar was Samson Mow's discreet trip to Guatemala. For context, Samson is the former CSO of Blockstream, one of the biggest Bitcoin companies. He left his post earlier this month to encourage countries to adopt crypto, so...

At the macro level we're seeing some big moves from select countries that seem to be inching away from using the USD as their preferred currency for global trade. This is of course an unintended consequence of the unprecedented sanctions we've seen against Russia.

As always, I take a closer look at the top performing cryptocurrencies this week and tell you where I think they're headed, and I also make a minor correction to my recent video about Thorchain.

Be sure to stick around until the end to get that important info!


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