Crypto News: BTC CRASH, Hack, CBDCs, NFTs & MORE!!

Jan 24, 2022

Hey Guys,

In case you hadn't seen earlier, our YouTube account was hacked and a scam video was published. This was not isolated to us. We will be keeping a close eye on the account and monitoring for any activities. Hopefully Google is able to find the exploit and close it.

Of course, not even a hacker is going to stop me from bringing you the Monday News!

It's another bloody Monday in the crypto market but I'm not nervous. That's because I've been keeping up with all of the headlines, not just those that say the end is neigh. Here are a few bullish headlines that caught my eye.

First and foremost, around 300 US banks are expected to roll out crypto trading to their clients in the coming weeks. This thanks to a partnership with NYDIG which was penned last year, and another 350+ banks will likely be introducing the same feature later this year.

Another bullish indicator is Bitcoin's hash rate which continues to reach new all time highs regardless of the recent dip. Hash rate and price tend to correlate, and though this currently isn't the case, I reckon it's a matter of time before the two come back in line.

If you're looking for something more fundamental, look no further than the billions of dollars being poured into the crypto industry. Last week we saw over 6 billion of dollars invested or to be invested into various crypto projects and companies.

In terms of when we could see a reversal, I'm hoping that Federal Reserve's upcoming press conference will provide some relief. Remember that it's not just the crypto market that's crashing. There are some seriously significant macro forces at play here.

And of course, the only man who can save us is Jerome "The Money Printer" Powell.

More about that in today's weekly crypto review!


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