Crypto News: Cardano, ALGO, Big Banks, Ripple vs. SEC & MORE!!

Sep 26, 2022

Hey Guys,

So you know how last Monday I said things in the crypto market will get worse?

Well it looks like that's exactly what happened, and I have a feeling we're likely to have a similar week this week. But first let's get a sense of where we are now.

The Fed raised interest rates. Ethereum miners still holding on to a boat load of ETH. Bitcoin's hash rate continues to climb higher. Energy crisis in Europe is starting to unfold...

well I suppose that explains it all doesn't it? It's like the crash is here already.

In all seriousness, it might be a really rough week, so be sure you've adjusted yourselves accordingly. That means making sure you have enough to cover your wants and needs regardless of the volatility inside and outside of the markets. You have been warned...



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