Crypto News: DCG, SBF in Court, Silvergate, OpenAI & More!!

Jan 09, 2023

Hey Guys,

Despite what the crypto charts might have you believe, the first week of the year was surprisingly bearish for crypto. There were no shortage of negative headlines that the crypto community hasn't fully appreciated yet, which is why I'm here to break it down.

For starters, Sam Bankman-Fried is a "free" man, at least until his next trial date in October. In the interim it looks like he's been sharing valuable information with US authorities about big crypto companies. Recall that FTX and Alameda were very well connected.

To that end, Binance, DCG, and Silvergate have all been experiencing issues. Not surprisingly, all three entities had close connections to FTX and Alameda, but I suppose that's true of most crypto companies.

Then, we finish off on some onchain analysis by the one and only Ben Cowen.

Enjoy, if you can...


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