Crypto News: DeFi Censorship, Sanctions & Crypto, The Fed & More!!

Mar 07, 2022

Hey Guys,

Hope you guys had a great weekend and got lots of rest, because I think we're in for a very volatile week. I say this because of all the crazy events that transpired over the last week as well as a few that will be taking place this week.

For starters there's the unprecedented sanctions by corporations against Russia which have exposed just how dangerously centralised the world is. Cryptocurrency exchanges are now front and center as certain politicians pressure them to censor regular Russian citizens.

Then there's the revelation that Web3 tools and platforms such as Metamask and Opensea are not nearly as decentralised as they seem. This was revealed by their blocking of users from specific regions in accordance with US sanctions, and it's not unique to them either.

What really concerns me is the rapid run up in the cost of food and energy around the world because of the Russian-Ukrainian war. High food prices have historically been correlated with social unrest, and it looks like these economic pressures are only going to get worse.

As a cherry on top, the inflation figures for the United States are set to be released this Thursday, and chances are they're going to be very high. This could inspire the Fed to taper more aggressively when they meet on March 15-16 and announce their taper roadmap.

This barely scratches the surface of all the insanity that happened last week, and I urge you watch this week's crypto review to get the full story.

We're in for a wild ride...


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