Crypto News: FTX BLOWUP, Market Crash, Contagion & More!!

Nov 14, 2022

Hey Guys,

I have no words for what happened last week, except that I'm going to my best to give you the summary of everything that's been going on in today's weekly crypto review. I also touch on two other stories that flew under the radar that you should know about.

That's probably the best advice I can give right now - pay attention to what's going on, and not just what's in crypto. The last thing you need right now is to be caught off guard by something, be it crypto or macro. That's why I'm going to keep pushing a mix of content.

Today's video will be a bit of an exception in that regard. It's really focused on FTX and Alameda, and I know it's probably going to be a dead horse in a few days time. For now though, this is fresh and the situation is evolving. Apologies in advance if the info is outdated.

Hope this helps.


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