Crypto News: FTX Updates, GBTC Contagion, ADA, SOL & More!!

Nov 21, 2022

Hey Guys,

It's been another crazy week in the crypto market and I'm here as always to give you my summary of what went down and why. The FTX-Alameda situation continues to be top of mind with crypto companies and projects announcing their exposure.

Between those headlines we've seen a few about crypto projects like Cardano which have continued to build despite the bear market. In Cardano's case, Emurgo will soon be releasing a centralized stablecoin akin to Circle's USDC. This should be very bullish for ADA.

It looks like big tech continues to take a beating too, and this could be paradoxically bullish for crypto. The caveat is that we're likely to see more lows before heading higher, and there's one overlooked macro factor that could cause these new lows in December.

P.S. I have a special guest appearance in this episode so you will definitely want to watch till the end 😉



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