Crypto News: Harmony, Celsius, Voyager, Solana, FATF & MORE!!

Jun 27, 2022

Hey Guys,

I know it's always crazy in the crypto market, but last week was extra crazy.

I had a hard time doing triage on which news to cover, but I think I came up with the correct selection - just the right combo of macro factors and crypto-specific factors, with lots of crypto project coverage and a juicy BTC price forecast at the end. 😉

If I can summarize last week in a word, I think it would be frustration. DeFi protocols trying to commandeer user funds, exchanges tracking crypto wallet withdrawals, and countries cutting off their own energy supplies and wondering why they're short on energy are just a few of the headlines that seem to have irked everyone, including me.

One thing I didn't manage to mention is that this week we're going to start to see some big company earnings come out for Q2 this year.

It sounds like investors are watching this closely as the first round of earnings reports will give them an idea of what the rest are likely to look like. If these earnings fail to meet expectations, we could see lots of turbulence in crypto.

Eyes peeled, ladies and gents!


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