Crypto News: Market Crash, AVAX, SOL, AAVE & MORE!!

Jan 10, 2022

Hey Guys,

I know it's been a bloody week in the crypto market, but I come bringing good news. The fundamentals continue to improve despite the recent dip, and this is what I cover in today's weekly crypto review.

Let's start with what the caused the recent dip. As many of you know, the Federal Reserve recently put out the minutes (summary) of its December meeting. The rhetoric of Fed officials during this meeting suggests they're looking to increase interest rates faster than expected.

This caused asset markets to crash across the board, and not just in the United States either. Asian and European markets took a beating too. It just comes to show you how much of an influence the words of a few people can have on the global economy.

As for fundamentals, crypto projects such as Aave are starting to get some serious traction with intuitional investors, and some famous companies such as Samsung are accelerating their push into the crypto industry.

All of this activity has of course attracted the attention of money hungry governments which are looking to increase tax on crypto gains, namely South Korea and Thailand. Other countries are sure to follow suit, but luckily most of these new taxes won't apply until 2023.

It looks like the crypto market's fate will be decided this week when the inflation figures for December come out on Wednesday. Something tells me that inflation won't be as bad as expected - but that's not because of it really slowing down.

This just scratches the surface of what I get into in today's video. Hope you enjoy!


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