Crypto News: Regulation, BTC, ETH, OpenSea Exploit & MORE!!

Jan 31, 2022

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday! Hope you all got a good rest. Looks like you're going to need it. We have another tense week ahead in the crypto market, but if it's anything like last week then we should make it to the other side with a little bit of green left in our portfolios.

Last week's source of uncertainty was the Federal Reserve's press conference which seems to have gone as expected. Had it gone well then the markets would have rallied, and had it gone badly then the markets would have dropped.

This week's source of uncertainty is the upcoming executive order about cryptocurrency by the US president. Nobody knows what's in it, but it's expected to instruct the various branches of government to draft some comprehensive plan to address cryptocurrency.

On a more positive note, we've recently seen a trend towards crypto payments. Be it the bill in Arizona to make BTC legal tender or Elon Musk offering to eat a happy meal if McDonald's accepts Dogecoin, crypto payments are in demand. Expect to see more announcements.

Not only that, but the NFT market is still booming. There are new partnerships being made on that front every day, and I take it as a sign that the bull market is far from over. I hope today's crypto review helps you brave the brief bear storm.

HODL on my crypto brothers and sisters!


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