Crypto News: Ripple, Silvergate, ADA, SEC Crackdowns & MORE!

Mar 06, 2023

Hey Guys,

It's been a wild week, and I think this week is going to be even wilder. Because I can't predict the future, I may as well tell you about the past. After all, knowing what's happened can often give you a sense of what will come next. That's the point of my weekly reviews!

The biggest headline last week was Silvergate shutting down the Silvergate Exchange Network. I can't stress just how important this piece of infrastructure was for the operation of the crypto market. It allowed for 24/7 access to fiat and crypto, and now it's gone.

The absence of the SEN could be why BTC's price action was so bizarre over the weekend. It also sets a precedent for some potential disconnections between different parts of the crypto market. Notably, it's another domino to fall in Operation Chokepoint 2.0.

And finally, we finish off with Ben Cowen's price analysis of ADA.

P.S. Enjoy that intro 😉


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