Crypto News: SBF, FTX Hacker, Binance, DCG, Social Media Risk & More!!

Nov 28, 2022

Hey Guys,

Another Monday, another weekly crypto review! The top story for me over the last week is all the citizen journalists who have been out and about trying to track down Sam Bankman-Fried so they can 'get a word in' so to speak. So far nothing yet, but we will see...

Besides that there's been more contagion from the whole FTX-Alameda situation, notably regarding the FTX hacker who has started dumping ETH, and Genesis Global which seems to be on the brink of bankruptcy. I explain what this could mean for the market.

I also cover an important macro factor related to energy and inflation which seems to have been overlooked. I even managed to get Ben Cowen on to do another analysis of crypto social media risk.

It's super interesting and I hope you guys enjoy it!


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► FTX Hacker Dumps:

► Genesis Trading Under Investigation:

► Binance 2B Bailout Fund:

► Russia To Ban Sales To Price Cap Participants:


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