Crypto News: Ukraine, Bitcoin, LUNA, XRP, SEC & More!

Feb 28, 2022

Hey Guys,

It's been a brutal week for the world in more ways than one. The Russian invasion of Ukraine certainly is easily the worst news of all, and it's caused a lot of pain and suffering for those on both sides of the border.

The war has also been weighing heavy on markets across the board, particularly for the purchasing power of the Russian ruble which has collapsed by 50% over the last week. This is because of the unprecedented sanctions that been brought against the Kremlin.

As far as I'm concerned, this conflict was fundamentally caused by fiat currency. It sounds like a bit of a stretch at first until you realise that there's an uncanny correlation between countries trying to de-dollarise and the violent conflicts that seem to ensue.

This is of course a very complex situation and it's one that I have no expertise in whatsoever. The best I can do is bring attention to what's going on to the best of my ability and explain why I think crypto can fix this.

This week's crypto review spends a significant amount of time discussing what effects the war could have on not just the crypto market but the global economy. The other stories are admittedly less important by comparison, but they are still important nonetheless.

To everyone affected, the thoughts of myself and the Coin Bureau team are with you.


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