Crypto Swing Trading 101: TA For Long-Term GAINS!!

Dec 03, 2021

Hey Guys,

If you've been following the evolution of my cryptocurrency portfolio in my weekly newsletter, you've probably noticed that I don't trade very frequently.

That's because my personal crypto trading strategy (which I detailed in another video) is inspired by swing trading.

In contrast to day trading, swing trading has a much longer term focus. You typically don't trade more than once or twice per month, if that. It fundamentally consists of looking at the long term price trend, patterns, moving averages, and indicators.

This simplified approach can make swing trading safer on paper, but it obviously depends on the specific strategy you're using. The one I detail in today's video isn't the be all end all, and I strongly encourage to develop your own swing trading strategy if you have the time.

I know technical analysis can be tricky, especially when you start talking about elaborate candlestick patterns and such. What has helped me is to remember that what you're doing is just looking at the same thing from a different angle.

This is especially true of altcoins whose price action tends to be heavily influenced by Bitcoin and also by external factors that you don't always see on the charts.

Although I spend most of today's video talking about Bitcoin, I touch large, mid, and small cap altcoins at the end.

You know what that means... stick around and enjoy!


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