Digital Euro CBDC - Is THIS The Year?! Latest Update!

Jan 07, 2023

Hey Guys,

As many of you will know, central bank digital currencies or CBDCs are seriously dystopian, and they are coming to almost every country. Europe has been a trail blazer in this regard. The European Central Bank ECB has been moving faster than most.

Case and point, the ECB published not one but TWO progress reports on its digital Euro just a few months apart. Consider that the ECB only announced its digital Euro ambitions in October 2021. These two progress reports were published at the end of 2022!

This has had me concerned, especially since the ECB has been explicit about the concerning qualities the digital Euro will have. That's why I was very surprised to see that the ECB had pivoted - not in in the interest rate sense, but in its digital euro intentions.

As you'll soon see, this could mean a lot for the other CBDC initiatives around the world. Watch til the end to understand why!


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