DON'T Buy Gold!! Here's Why! ❌

Nov 28, 2020

Happy Sunday Folks!

And for all my US followers, I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving 🙏

I have a new video up on the Tube and this is one that addresses a pretty important topic...

It takes a look at one of the strongest held investing notions out there: That Gold is a good "Store of Value".

This is something that has frustrate me for quite some time. This is mainly because the main premises that this is based on are quite flawed.

Is it really limited in supply? Can that supply be easily determined and how liquid is it really? Is it really as secure as most gold bugs make out to be?

In the video, I break down each of these arguments and explain why they are flawed. I also take you guys through some examples of where Gold has been a less than stellar investment in times of strife.

I do of course have some suggestions for more attractive stores of value. Hint, you can get a sense of what it is on my T-shirt.

Hope you guys enjoy the vid 😉


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