DON’T DO THIS!! Some of the WORST Crypto Advice!!

Feb 23, 2022

Hey Guys,

I was browsing Reddit the other day and I came across a thread that asked about the worst crypto advice anyone has ever gotten.

This got me thinking about the worst crypto advice I've received over the years, and I remembered a few that you'll certainly be familiar with.

For starters there's the timeless classic: buy when prices are high! This is admittedly difficult not to do, especially when prices get away from you. However, it's much worse when someone comes along and says the sky is the limit - that this crypto is going to the moon etc.

There's also no shortage of people who tell you to buy a crypto because it was mentioned by a celebrity or worse, a YouTuber! This is the sort of bad crypto advice that's actively shared on social media, and it's advice that we've all fallen prey to at some point.

On the flipside you have the advice to sell your cryptos when there's an apparent crackdown coming or even just when the market is crashing. This is obviously the worst thing you can do, and it's something that still gets me rekt from time to time. Damn headlines...

Anyways, these are just the few bits of bad crypto advice I cover in today's video, and I know it's going to make you all laugh, or cry, or both.

Welcome to crypto!


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