ERC-404: Next 100X Cryptos?! What You Need To Know!

Feb 28, 2024

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There’s a new kid on the block!

ERC-404, an all-new token standard, aims to combine the non-fungible aspects of NFTs with the fungibility of ERC-20 tokens - a fungible NFT, if you will.

This new standard has only been with us for less than a month. Despite this, it’s already managed to carve its way into the market, quickly becoming one of crypto’s biggest talking points. 

However, not all of this talk is positive. ERC-404 is not only a hot topic for its potential, but also for its controversy. 

That’s why today, we take a look at ERC-404, how it came to be, why it has divided investor opinions, and how this could disrupt the entire NFT ecosystem.

This is a video you cannot miss!


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