Ethereum Merge Done: Now WHAT? Will ETH Recover?!

Sep 20, 2022

Hey Guys,

It's a little less than a week since the Ethereum merge and ETH is down by over 20% in the week.

So, this begs a very important question: What's next for ETH and where to from here?

Well, that's exactly what I will be exploring in my latest video. I will be breaking down all the implications that came from the merge - intended and unintended.

I will also be going through some of the most important updates that lie ahead of the Ethereum and what they mean for the network. This includes not only the potential scaling implications but also how it will impact the price of ETH.

Finally, I will be looking at some of the risks that have been presented by this move to Proof of Stake.

So, if you hold ETH or are considering it - this vid is a must!


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