FAKE Crypto Trading!? What It Means For The Markets!!

Sep 14, 2022

Hey Guys,

I'm sure a few of you saw the news that around 50% of all BTC trading volume is fake. This is obviously a very shocking statistic, so I decided to dig down into the Forbes report that made the claim and see exactly what it said.

Not surprisingly, the researchers at Forbes had a fair questionable method for assessing trading volume across exchanges. Even so, their taxonomy (classification) of crypto exchange quality based on fake trading volume was more or less spot on.

The author of the article also makes some good points about how questionable trading volume is making it hard for the SEC for approve a spot Bitcoin ETF, among other things. The silver lining is that the fake trading volume on exchanges is falling fast.

The real question is why Forbes came out with this report now, and I give you the answer at the end.

Spoiler: you won't like it!


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