Feds Coming For DEFI!? Most Important Crypto Case of 2023!!

Jan 04, 2023

Hey Guys,

Last week, we had a pretty high profile crypto arrest. And no, I am not talking about SBF or anything to do with FTX. I am talking about the arrest of a one Avi Eisenberg - the Mango Markets exploiter.

For those who don't know, Avi was the hacker who admitted and then bragged about hacking the Mango Markets futures DEX. He was also quite adamant that his actions (which stole $110m from Mango users) was completely legal and that nobody would pursue him legally.

Well, clearly the DOJ and the FBI disagreed.

That aside, his arrest and subsequent prosecution is going to have very interesting implications for the Defi space. That's because not only does it challenge the assertion that "code is law" but it showed that market manipulation in the crypto space is indeed very illegal.

In my video today, I take you through the Mango Markets exploit and how it happened. I also explain what could happen to the Defi space now that it's clear the authorities could be more forceful. Will this make it safer or less so? Could we see similar cases being opened against others who knowingly manipulated crypto markets?

This was definitely an interesting video to break down so I hope you enjoy it!


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