FTX Bankruptcy Filing: I Can't Believe What I'm Reading!!

Nov 22, 2022

Hey Guys,

As some of you may have heard, FTX published its bankruptcy filing late last week.

What the filing revealed about the exchange and its sister company Alameda Research made the headlines. This is because of all the insane that was happening behind the scenes.

No list of employees. No list of bank accounts. No accountant! No list of crypto wallet addresses. Private keys to wallet addresses being passed around by email. Sam Bankman-Fried pushing employees to delete every internal message. The list goes on.

I honestly can't believe that nobody picked up on this. FTX received almost 2 billion dollars in funding and was worth over 32 billion at it's peak. Sam sat shoulder to shoulder with some of the most powerful politicians and investors. And nobody suspected a thing!?

A couple peculiarities in the bankruptcy filing certainly suggest there is more to this story...


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