Funfair Crypto Review: FUN Worth It?

Jul 29, 2019


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📝 Overview 📝  Funfair is looking to decentralise online casino gaming and place it on the blockchain.

It was created with the idea to give casino operators and game developers the ability to create a fully-customizable player experience on the blockchain for games such as blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette and others.

FunFair uses Ethereum smart contracts to settle the casino games. These are decentralised and secure.

These are a unique solution to the mistrust that most people have with online random number generators.

FunFair also makes use of advanced HTML5 front-end technology in order to improve speed.

FunFair has an ERC20 token called FUN. These were issued on the Ethereum blockchain. FUN are the utility tokens in the FunFair ecosystem and the provide the “Fuel” for it.

Everything from betting to paying developers of FunFair games is paid for in FUN tokens.

FunFair completed an ICO back in June of 2017 and were able to raise 26 million dollars.

The FunFair team has a long background in online casino gaming.

The company was started in Singapore in 2017 but has grown since to include offices in London, Malta, Gibraltar and Guernsey.

Funfair has entered into a number of important partnerships and relationships. These include companies such as Spike Games, Big Wave Gaming and RakeTheRake.

FUN tokens are listed on a number of exchanges although the bulk of the trading is taking place on Binance.

There are pretty reasonable turnover numbers on these exchanges which implies decent liquidity for the token.

Given that FUN tokens are ERC20 standard, there are a range of wallets that you can use in order to store them. Any wallet that supports Ethereum will do.


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