GameFi in 2022: This Report You HAVE TO SEE!!

May 31, 2022

Hey Guys,

With the bear market setting in, you might be wondering if there are any cryptos that could weather the storm.

Well, it looks like the smart money is putting their bets on GameFi, and it makes sense if you think about it. Besides speculation and necessity, fun is the third reason why people care about crypto, and fun means games!

That's why we decided to do a summary of a recent report about GameFi by CoinTelegraph.

Given that CoinTelegraph is one of the biggest crypto news sources in the industry, we figured they would have some decent insights into the GameFi niche. It's safe to say that their analysis was interesting, and I give you my own take on what it means for crypto at the end.

The biggest takeaway from the report is that the adoption of GameFi could make regulators nervous, and in some countries like the Philippines where GameFi has taken off this is already the case.

Now that I mention it, the lack of clear regulations might be one of the reasons why GameFi hasn't exploded yet, but mark my words, it will, and when it does... Well, you'll see!


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