Immutable X: IMX Ready To ROLL?? Complete Overview!!

Dec 29, 2021

Hey Guys!

As mentioned over the weekend, I was working on another NFT related video.

More specifically, I mentioned Immutable X as a potential NFT infrastructure play. An Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution developed specifically for NFTs.

Immutable X has been all the rage in the last month and for good reason too.

It’s the first NFT infrastructure project utilising a sophisticated ZK-Rollup technology that can process up to 9,000 transactions per second and seamlessly integrate with any platform via its SDKs and APIs. That’s quite frankly unheard of in the NFT space.

So, in the video I have for you today, I’ll be walking you through exactly what Immutable X is, its founding team and how its proprietary NFT technology works - it's quite complicated so be sure to take notes 🤓

I will also be discussing the utility and use cases of Immutable’s native token IMX and give you Guys my own thoughts and projections when it comes to its future price potential.

I also take a look at some of the risks that exist with the project. Two of the biggest include competition from other Layer 2's as well as a bear market in the NFT space.

For the former, there are several other projects that are building NFTs on their blockchains. These are gaining ground and they could have first mover advantage with their established integrations.

Then, for the latter, Immutable X is exposed to the NFT market. If there is a correction, it could lead to a fall in demand for minting / trading - both which could impact on the need for layer 2s.

This was a pretty involved one to produce. But it was well worth it. Hope you guys enjoy!


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