Internet Censorship is COMING! This You NEED To Know!

Jan 08, 2023

Hey Guys,

Not sure if you've noticed, but governments around the world are in process of introducing laws that would result in online censorship. Naturally, many of these laws are titled to suggest they're about something else like 'safety' and 'services' or 'children'.

Unfortunately for the people in power, I took the time to unpack exactly what all these bills are about. I cover online censorship legislation in Canada, the UK, Europe, and of course the United States. I felt like I barely scratched the surface, but it was enough.

What's interesting is that these collective censorship efforts aren't necessarily being coordinated by any international organisation or group. It's the result of declining trust in most countries, something that's been accelerated by pandemic restrictions.

This is a video you cannot miss


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