Ledger HACKED!! How to Protect Your Crypto!!

Dec 23, 2020

Merry Xmas eve to one and all 🎄

I hope you are all enjoying the evening safely and securely. After all, the only person that should know where you live on Christmas is Santa...

Speaking of which, the video that I promised you on the Ledger hack above is finally complete. It's my complete overview of the Database breach and hardware wallet security

These include:

- How it happened

- What it means

- What risks you face

- How to prevent these risks

- How to upgrade your wallet security

- How to upgrade your Opsec

- and much more

This is all to help you guys assess how to deal with offline crypto security. This Ledger Database breach is no doubt a really hot mess, but my hope is that this video brings you much needed advice and clarity.

Hope the video helps...

And of course, wishing you guys an amazing Christmas and happy holidays 🙏


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