Moonbeam: GLMR To The Moon?! Complete Review!!

Apr 08, 2022

Hey Guys,

As you know, I'm currently out here in Miami at the Bitcoin conference.

However, I have got some videos that I shot earlier in the week for you guys ready to go 😉

A few days ago, I asked you guys what were the most exciting projects building on Polkadot. And, one of the most common answers I was getting was Moonbeam.

We have actually looked at Moonbeam on the channel before - in my video on top Polkadot Projects.

However, given the interest, I thought that it was warranted to take a deeper dive into the project.

For a bit of background, Moonbeam is an EVM-compatible blockchain that is looking to bring Ethereum functionalities to the DOT ecosystem.

The Moonbeam network has the goal of facilitating cross-chain communication between some of the most established blockchains in existence right now.

Technically, Moonbeam is structured as a parachain that can tap into Polkadot’s Layer-0 infrastructure and into its foundational Relay Chain, allowing Moonbeam to benefit from the security and scalability of Polkadot.

Moonbeam also has a native utility token called GLMR which is used for gas metering of smart contract execution, incentivising parachain collators, on-chain governance proposals, and paying for transaction fees.

I dig into this and much more in my video. Tech, tokenomics, roadmap, price potential and challenges.

So, if you guys wanted to know about one of Polkadot's most exciting projects, then this is something that you cannot afford to miss!


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