Nation Theft!! Art, Yachts, Jets, Movies & GS Bankers!!

Apr 20, 2022

Hey Guys!

Time for a new video - and today I have a story of scandal, corruption, embezzlement and intrigue.

A story about how bankers helped conmen to pilfer the Sovereign Wealth Fund of a nation.

What I find most interesting about this particular story is that it was even allowed to happen in the first place.

It's a great expose into how the traditional financial system has been used for nefarious purposes for years. How the rich & powerful tend to get a pass while others in the population end up suffering.

It also shows us just how embedded the bankers are in the upper echelons of society and how easy it is to launder billions of dollars using fiat, yachts, art & other trappings of the rich.

This was an interesting one to make - so I hope you enjoy it 😎


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