Polygon: Can MATIC MAKE IT?? What You NEED To Know!!

Mar 31, 2022

Hey Guys,

As Ethereum's transition to proof of stake approaches, you might be wondering whether layer 2s like Polygon will have a role to play. The short answer is yes, and out of all the layer 2s out there, Polygon's development has definitely been the most aggressive.

For those unfamiliar, Polygon describes itself as 'Ethereum's internet of blockchains' and they're building out a whole bunch of scaling solutions in addition to their existing Polygon PoS chain that's seen exponential adoption over the last year.

Recently Polygon raised $450 million from various crypto VCs, the largest single post ICO raise of any crypto project (as far as I know). Polygon has also been securing some serious institutional partnerships, including the government of an Indian state.

With 3 additional scaling solutions on the way, it looks like MATIC is well positioned for massive gains, but as you'll see it's less than smooth sailing for Ethereum's most popular scaling solution.

Be sure to stick around until the end to find out what comes next!

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