Polygon: When Will MATIC EXPLODE??

Dec 09, 2021

Hey Guys,

As many of you will know, I added MATIC to my portfolio a few months ago, and I took the recent crypto market crash as an opportunity to load up on some more MATIC.

This is simply because of all the bullish stuff I discovered while doing research for today's video on Polygon.

Polygon has a super interesting history...

It was founded by three Indians who were part of the country's early Bitcoin community. One of them actually worked closely with developers at Decentraland to create an innovative Ethereum scaling solution called "Minimum Viable Plasma" (colloquially referred to as just Plasma).

This scaling solution became the backbone for Matic Network, the predecessor to Polygon. After rebranding in February this year, the Matic Network became one of the many scaling solutions that Polygon will offer as part of its mission to become Ethereum's internet of blockchains. They also added a talented Ethereum developer as a co-founder for Polygon.

Over the least year, Polygon's Matic Network (now called Polygon PoS) has seen an exponential increase in users, dApps, and total value locked. The MATIC token has responded in kind, but it hasn't performed nearly as well as other cryptocurrencies during the same time.

Even so, Polygon's ecosystem is still growing at an exponential pace, and the developments, announcements, and integrations it has rolled since I last covered the project almost 9 months ago have me feeling insanely bullish about Polygon's future.

Today's video is a must watch for anyone holding MATIC or ETH, because I really believe that Polygon has cemented itself as Ethereum's #1 scaling solution.

This cannot be ignored!


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