QLCChain Review 2019: My Deep Dive

Jul 31, 2019


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► Website: https://qlcchain.org//

► Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.io/document/237/ql...

► GitHub: https://github.com/qlcchain/


📝 Overview 📝

QLC Chain is a project that is building a platform for distributed communications.

A Network-as-a-Service that is trying to take the power out of the hands of a few powerful mobile operators.

The first piece of technology that will help QLC Chain achieve its goals is mini base stations. These can be operated by participants on the network from their homes.

In order to meet network demands, the QLC Chain team are making use of a multi-dimensional block lattice architecture with dual consensus.

Block lattice was first introduced on the Nano blockchain and is one of the most scalable alternatives to a blockchain. It also allows for cross chain communication.

With the dual chain, you the first mechanism is Neo's Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus. The second is proprietary and was developed by the QLC Chain team. It is called "Proof of Shannon".

QLC is the QLCChain utility token. It is a NEP-5 token that was issued on the NEO blockchain.

The token provides the fuel to the QLC ecosystem, incentivizing users and providing gas for dApps. The QLC token was released in an ICO in December 2017, with the project raising $19.3 million.

The QLCChain team is comprised of people with experience in software development, investment banking and fintech.

The team has been active with updates to their protocol (as evidenced by their GitHub Commits).

QLC has most of its volume on Binance. There is not that much turnover which could limit liquidity.

Given that these are NEP-5 standard tokens, you can use any NEO compatible wallet to store QLC in.


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