Ripple vs. SEC: Could This Be IT?! Latest XRP Updates!!

Apr 28, 2022

Hey Guys,

One of the most important cases that we have playing out right now in the crypto space is that of the SEC vs. Ripple. The reason why is because of the legal precedents this could set for the the rest of the crypto space.

The SEC's case Ripple has interested me since it began in 2020, because it foreshadows the sanctions that could be coming for other crypto projects and their founders. A lot has happened since then, and recently there have been some interesting developments.

Most notably, the judge granted Ripple and its executives the opportunity to argue their fair notice defence. In short, they're allowed to argue that even if their sales of XRP were illegal, they were able to sell for years without the SEC's intervention, hence the lack of fair notice.

This got me wondering why the SEC is going after Ripple specifically. After all, there are lots of other crypto companies and projects that fit a similar profile, so why aren't they being targeted? I discuss my theories at the end, and I really think I might be on to something.



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