SANCTIONS!! What This Means FOR YOU!!

Mar 20, 2022

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It's been almost a month since Russian launched their invasion in Ukraine. And this has had considerable impacts. Not only has there been mass suffering by the people, but there has also been untold Economic impacts.

Part of this was because of the conflict, but that which is likely to have the biggest impact on the global economy is the resulting sanctions.

That's because when you attempt to extract the 11th biggest economy (and one of the largest commodity exporters) from the global economy, there are going to be side effects. Some of these have already begun to present themselves whereas some others are likely waiting for us around the corner.

From sky high energy prices, to disrupted trade and global financial contagion - it's all potentially down the pike.

Not only that, but the actions that the West has taken when it comes to Central Bank seizures could have implications for the long-term appeal of the US dollar. It could lead to a situation in which other Central Banks look for alternative hard assets to hold.

Some say this could be commodities. Some think that it could be in the form of digital gold.

I cover all of this in my latest video. From the initial impacts to the long-term implications - as well as my predictions.

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