Smart Cities: How The Elites Plan To Control Us!!

Mar 18, 2023

Hey Guys,

I'm sure you've all heard about smart cities by now, but I bet that most of you don't know exactly what they are, who made them, which cities will be 'smart', and whether these cities will succeed. Naturally, we took it upon ourselves to find out and let you know.

What's interesting is that concept of smart cities comes from a 2008 marketing campaign by IBM. This was after the global financial crisis, and things were looking as crazy as they do now. The CEO of IBM urged the elites to use this crisis to roll out smart cities.

Fortunately, IBM's initial smart city campaign didn't get much traction. Unfortunately, this all changed in 2019 when the World Economic Forum established a smart cities alliance with the G20. It has since been trying to impose this digital dystopia everywhere.

This is a video you do not want to miss.


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